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Cutting to the chase, I want to invite you to attend a special event on Saturday March 24th at the Crown Plaza Hotel in London Docklands. But before I tell you about the event, let me give you some background.

For the first 21 days of this year I and many others in our church stayed before God in fasting and prayer. We were fasting and praying for direction and clarity on a whole range of issues. Little did I know that a life changing instruction would be given to me in that season. I wanted clarity and that’s exactly what I got. I came out of the season with some very deep convictions about the times in which we live and the plan of God for our generation.

You see, the next wave of God’s glory will not come out of local churches but it will flow into local churches. Instead it will come out of ordinary, everyday and average believers who have been strategically positioned in the marketplace for such a time as this. Like Esther, Joseph and Daniel.

Throughout my travels around the world, I began to notice a serious disconnect between Faith and the Workplace among many believers. Some even felt guilty for the amount of time they spent working and began viewing their own careers as somehow ‘getting in the way’ of their spiritual life. Others simply could not see any useful relationship between what they did for a living and what they did for God. This is unfortunate because most of our time is spent at work and very little of our time is spent at church. It’s also tragic when you consider the fact that the workplace is the very place that we get to influence attitudes and beliefs in society at large.

After much research and time in prayer I decided to address this issue head on and released a series of books, audio learning programs and courses on God’s plan for a successful working life. The subject has evolved for me and has very much become a global mission. The fruits of the message are now undeniable as we are now inundated with testimonials from people who experienced this paradigm shift and immediately began to see their careers take off and reach new heights.

Many believers have not yet made the link between their careers and their sacred calling because they are not sure where it fits in. But mark my words; it does. Your career sits within the frame-work of a sacred calling and as such God wants to partner with you for outstanding success in your field.

I’m convicted…

  • That God wants you to become one of the most influential and powerful people in your field.
  • That God is ready to accelerate your career success
  • That God wants your voice to be the loudest and smartest voice in your industry

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, a professional or an apprentice, and artist or an entertainer, an educator or a political activist; God wants you to win! In fact there is no industry sector or career type where God is not strategically positioning believers to do great for exploits in our day.

For this reason I’m putting out this call to attended a training-day designed for believers who have serious professional aspirations. It starts at 9.00am sharp and finishes at 3.30pm. The day includes a light breakfast, groundbreaking workshops, training resources, amazing stories of workplace miracles and of course we will be praying into your career aspirations and ministering to you.

For obvious reasons including the limited seats, the refreshments and the quality of our training resources this event is ticketed but very reasonably priced. You can get your ticket now by visiting CLICKING HERE 

If this message resonates with you, do act swiftly to secure your seat and May God bless your awesome ministry in the marketplace!

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