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Career coaching for radical believers

Finding your true passion, purpose and place in the master plan!

The Old Testament book of Esther describes the power and purpose of a believer’s working life by using striking metaphors. The story describes a relationship between Esther and her Spiritual Career Coach – Mordecai. Mordecai is the one who coached Esther from workplace PRESENCE to workplace POWER through a combination of revelation, inspiration and motivation.



  • Mordecai was the man who raised Esther’s professional aspirations
  • Mordecai was the man who challenged Esther to go beyond her job to discover her true life’s work
  • Mordecai was the man who kept God and faith in Esther’s consciousness while at work
  • Mordecai was the man who awakened Esther to the true purpose and potential of her position
  • Mordecai was the man who coached Esther from workplace success to prophetic significance

At iCAN Global we believe that everyone assigned to the workplace, needs a Mordecai-style Coach to connect the dots between their FAITH and their WORK.

Mordecai Coaching can help with:

  1. Discovering your true passion, purpose and pre-destined career path
  2. Mapping your career plan
  3. Setting SMART career goals
  4. Implementing a personal development plan for career success
  5. Aligning your ambitions with your anointing
  6. Resolving any conflicts between faith and work
  7. Accelerating your career progress
  8. Spiritual accountability and covering in the workplace

Without Mordecai, Esther would have lost her way in the palace. In the same way, many believers have lost their way in the workplace and will only ever find their true self in the day that they reconnect with a personal Mordecai.

Bishop Wayne has brought together his experience as a performance and executive life coach with his Biblical expertise in workplace theology to produce a transformational coaching system. He has successfully supported believers who work in the public, private and voluntary sectors but is now ready to equip a Mordecai movement with the knowledge and tools to deliver this system in their own right.

The one thing that most believers have in common, in spite of their denominational affiliations or unique expression of Christianity, is the fact that we are all working in a profession, industry, organisation or project. For most people, this looks like a job and for others it is a business venture. Whichever the case, we will each spend most of our adult life working on, with or in some field.

It is these occupations and vocations that give us a powerful presence in society at large. However that power will never be utilized until we each realize the purpose and potential of our professional position.

Now you can become a fully licensed and equipped Mordecai Coach on a spare-time, part-time or full time basis. This is a genuine career opportunity as this offer includes training and equipping in:

  1. Workplace theology
  2. Career coaching techniques
  3. Public speaking
  4. Education Marketing
  5. How to building your own professional network

Successful students will also have an opportunity to set up a branch of the iCAN Global Network and operate a franchise under a white label license to utilize our resources including all of Wayne’s coaching templates and techniques. As an iCAN Mordecai Coach, you can leverage from our suite of business tools including a ready made website complete with auto responders and social media setup as well as benefit from an instant product range.

For those who feel called to inspire, encourage and equip God’s workforce, this is an opportunity to become a modern Mordecai to hundreds of contemporary Esthers.

The training lasts for 12 months and utilises a blended learning approach including online lectures, a residential retreat and monthly assignments. The iGLOBAL License is optional and subject to acceptance. No one will be licensed who has not been through the training.


  • Mordecai Coaching System – £2997.00
  • iGlobal Franchise, License and tools – £1000.00
  • Total – £3997.00

Payable in 4 equal instalments.

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